what is the purpose of a rack server!
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The rack servers built by various brands like the HP and the Dell and other brands, is merely an object that acts as a computer to provide the servers within one place. The structure of the rack is ideal to place multiple servers or physical components in it and set them all together to work as a single entity. Each compartment of the rack is known as the bay. The bay or the slot is capable of carrying different server pc devices. These can be linked and use to operate and solve the network issues of all kinds.

What are the advantages of the rack servers?

· It can be assembled into a form of a tower. The tower takes less space of the floor and makes it easy to keep these servers in one place.

· This setup allows the different components to function together and minimizes the cabling that is required otherwise.

As these severs are kept in one place or above each other to form a tower, it is to be ensured that proper cooling system is provided to them and protected by a nas case. For this, the manufacturers have made a special cooling system within the device to prevent any heating up.

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